About Hera

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Human Empowering Robots Alliance (HERA) was founded in October of 2019 by Intuitive Robots, Génération Robots and Avatarion. Through this strategic collaboration, the three pioneers in the service robotics field in Europe, have decided to join their deep skills, experiences and expertise to become a leader in Europe and to offer a unique robots distribution channel with the best software solutions on the market.

The robots are available with an embedded software solution, called SPARK. Created by Intuitive Robots, SPARK is the first solution that integrates the most performing conversational agents (Chatbots) and the best knowledge technologies into any social robots, providing a rich, smart and useful interaction with robots.

Génération Robots is a leading European company specialised in service robotics and programmable robots. The company has a strong international orientation, dealing with customers in over 100 countries. The company also designs advanced robotics solutions for the nuclear industry, aeronautics, security and agriculture

Intuitive Robots has developed a strong expertise in the development of smart and useful applications for the most advanced robots, such as NAO & Pepper (Softbank Robotics), Cruzr & Alpha-Mini (Ubtech) and Buddy (Blue Frogs Robotics). Among their references, there are Renault Group, Costa Cruises, BNP Paribas Bank and Carrefour Group

Avatarion Technology creates customized applications and accessories for  social robots  (NAO, Pepper, Cruzr…) They also develop applications for different industries, such as banking, hospitality, education or entertainment.