About Avatarion

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Avatarion Technology is active in the humanoid robotics fields. It develops applications and accessories for humanoid robots. The Start-up is the importer of Hardware from Softbank Robots Nao and Pepper, Hease Robotic und UBTECH with Alpha Mini and Cruzr for Switzerland. It created “YEO-Suite” a microsoft Office packet for robotics, facilitating the work and the usability of the robots in tourism, healthcare and hospitality. 

Avatarion Technology is the humanoide robotic expert and reference in Switzerland. The business a welcome participant at many national and international fares and conferences and participates as opinion leader representing Switzerland in various hightech exhibitions like VIVA TECH in Paris.


Jean Christophe Gostanian, multi entrepreneur dedicated to big causes concerning children who are very ill, invented Avatar Kids to enable children with cancer to have their robot « avatar » represent them at school or at home allowing them to stay in contact with their peers and family during the whole convalescence. Thus, making sure that the children are not forgotten and can cultivate their social contacts even when having to stay away for a long period of time.

The robolution is progressing. More than a phenomenon robots will change our social environment, services and industrial trade. Our global knowledge and our understanding of the needs of our clients ensure the mastery of future challenges.”