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Pepper is the first personal and emotional humanoid robot designed by SoftBank Robotics capable of recognising the principal human emotions and adapting his behaviour to the mood of his interlocutor. Pepper is a social robot able to converse with you, recognise your face and react to your emotions, move and live autonomously.

Advanced language recognition skills

  • The four directional microphones located on Pepper’s head allow it to detect where sounds are coming from and locate your position, as well as identifying the emotions in your voice. Pepper can engage in conversations, and can incorporate information it has gleaned from the conversation into what it says

Facial recognition and face tracking

  • The images it sees are processed by shape recognition software that is capable of identifying faces and objects. It can detect movements, as well as recognising emotions on your face.

Tablet for visual presentations and tactile feedback

  • This can be used to make choices, as well as to delight, entertain and inform.
  • Dimensions:
    • height: 120 cm
    • depth: 42.50 cm
    • width: 48.50 cm
  • Weight: 28 kg
  • Battery:
    • Type: Lithium-ion battery
    • Capacity: 30.0 Ah / 795 Wh
    • Battery life: approx. 12 hours
  • Interaction sensors:
    • 4 microphones
    • 2 RGB HD cameras (mouth and forehead)
    • 5 tactile sensors (3 in the head and 2 on the back of the hands)
  • Motion sensors:
    • 1 3D camera behind the eyes for depth and detection of movements and obstacles
    • In the legs: 2 sonar, 6 laser, a gyro sensor
  • Locomotion: 3 all direction wheels (Maximum speed 5 km/h)
  • Degrees of freedom of the joints: head: 2, shoulders: 2, elbows: 2, wrists: 1, hands (5 fingers): 1, waist: 2, knees: 1, base: 3
  • Operating system: Android
  • Display: Tablet 10.1 inch
  • Network: Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n)


Designed by UBTECH Robotics, Cruzr is a cloud-based business robot. It offers multiple customer service-oriented features like autonomous navigation, chatbot integrations and IoT connection. With its wide range of functionalities, Cruzr can work in various industries, such as retail, banking, tourism, hospitality, transportation, healthcare and services und offers a rich, smart and efficient interactions with the end users.

Localization and Mapping

  • The Cruzr Robot includes the SLAM (simultaneous location and mapping) proprietary software from UBTECH that uses real-time positioning and mapping to avoid obstacles. From the software, you can easily preset a navigation, a bifurcation or set specific points of interest. Cruzr is able to function in complex environments thanks to his depth-perception camera, Lidar and IR sensors that enable him to navigate autonomously.


  • Cruzr uses abrasion resistant and quiet omni-directional wheels to move smoothly and stable, while being able to turn in any direction instantly.

Automatic Recharging

  • Stable and accurate charging stock location, low power consuming. Multiple charging methods: Directive recharging, Pre-set recharging, Automatic recharging.
  • Dimensions: 1195 x 521 x 516 mm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Colour: white, silver
  • Materials: plastic, metal
  • Battery: 20 Ah 24V
  • Touchscreen:6-inch
  • Camera: 13MP HD (photo), 1080p (video)
  • Audio: Two-channel stereo speaker, 3×2 inch, 2x6W output
  • Sensors:
    • 6+0 MIC array in head
    • 1 depth-perception camera in waist
    • 1 Lidar sensor, 6 sonar sensors
    • 12 infrared sensors
    • 1 9-axis IMU in chassis
  • Degrees of freedom:
    • Head: 1 DoF
    • Arms: 5 DoF per arm
    • Hands: 1 DoF per hand
    • Waist: 1 DoF
  • 3 omnidirectional wheels
  • OS: Android and ROS
  • Velocity: 0.3 m/s (normal speed); 1 m/s (maximum speed)
  • Network: WiFi 2.4G/5G
  • Accessories: 1 recharging dock,1 flight-case, 1 power adapter, 1 user manual